Sports PR Employee Charlotte Reeves Explains Why She Deleted a Colin Kaepernick AAF Tweet & Then Compares Kap to Trent Richardson; The Head of The PR Company Erica Kaiser is Clearly Anti-Kaepernick (Deleted Tweets)

Ms. Reeves questioned why Colin Kaepernick wasn’t playing in AAF if he cared about playing football.  The problem with the tweet was the wording of it. It was sincere in nature, it was basically mocking Colin Kaepernick and assuming he had no desire to play anymore, she even ended it with #guessnot hashtag to emphasize her point.

She deleted the tweet which means she knew how it looked, but after a few people spoke out about, she is trying to explain what she meant by it.

The problem with that is her reason makes no sense. Many of the AAF players never really had any success in the NFL, she uses Trent Richardson as an example, but that is a terrible one, since Richardson flamed out of his own accord, not because he was blackballed.

Once you dig a little deeper the head of the PR company she works for Erica Kaiser is very anti-Kaepernick and there are deleted tweets to prove it.

Flip the pages for the deleted tweet and her explanation. Also deleted tweets from Ms. Kaiser showing her hate for Kaepernick.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline