Man Plans to Propose to His Girlfriend in Front of Her Parents Only to Realize He’s Slept With His Girlfriend’s Father While Dad Was Married to GF’s Mom; Here’s What Happened Next (Videos)

Come again.

This is wild, I had to read it a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right, but here we are.

In a letter to The Guardian seeking sexual advice, an anonymous man reveals that during a “bi phase” he “used to sleep around with pretty much everyone that came along, including other men.” But all that changed when the man met his new girlfriend’s parents.

“Halfway through lunch I realized that I had slept with her father.” Relatable: it usually takes me at least 30 minutes to realize that someone is acting overly familiar with me because I’ve slept with them. “I was going to propose, but when my partner and her mother were away, he told me to end it with his daughter. I’m obviously in love — shall I just ignore him, or tell my partner?”

The advice he was given was to walk away. I assume that is his only choice right?

If R Kelly wasn’t so problematic this would be perfect for another Trap in the Closet, but instead I’ll just live you with this.

Flip the page.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline