Current & Ex-Florida Players Go After Chris Steele on Twitter Because He’s Transferring After Being Forced to Room With QB Jalon Jones Who Was Accused of Sexual Assault By Two Women on Same Day (Tweets)

Florida football is once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

What’s the problem this time? Florida football players are clowning a now ex-Florida defensive back for transferring out of the program.

Chris Steele is the said recruit and his reasons for transferring are justified. In his first month on campus, Steele requested to be moved to a different dorm due to him not being comfortable in the same dorm as Jones. The request was partially denied, instead, Florida head coach Dan Mullen said they’d move forward with his request in the summer.

This wasn’t the reason he’s decided to transfer, however. The transfer move was moved through when Jones was accused of sexually assaulting 2 women on Florida’s campus on April 6th. The kicker? The assaults were claimed to have happened in the dorm room that Jones and Steele shared.

So now you have a situation where a player came to a coach months earlier, asking to be moved to a different dorm due to him being uncomfortable with Jones. Jones is now accused of sexual assault and he doesn’t want to be tied to any of that. Which I completely understand.

What I don’t understand is why Gators’ players attacked Steele on Twitter because he wanted to remove himself from a bad situation. It’s a bad look on the players first off, but an even worse look on the coaching staff. You’re giving off the assumption that you condone your own players clowning a player for leaving because of issues he’s had with his roommate ever since he stepped on campus.

Plus you’re just even further making it seem like Steele made the absolute best decision for his own future.

The Steele transfer news had its effects as well, prompting several Gator football commits to de-commit from the school within days of the news coming out to the public.

This isn’t the first time Florida has had serious off the field troubles with its players either. NINE Gators football players were accused of credit card fraud, with the amount coming in at $15,000.

Florida has a culture problem within its football program and if they don’t correct it soon, it’ll all go downhill.

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