Nicole Curran, Wife of Warriors Owner Joe Lacob, Speaks on How The #Beyhive Drove Her to Tears After They Swarmed After Her Interaction With Jay Z; Here’s How She Said She is Handling the Situation (Bees-IG-Vids)

The Beyhive is nothing play with.

Unfortunately, Nicole Curran, wife of Warriors owner Joe Lacob, she is finding out first hand.

Curran, during game three of the NBA Finals, sat next to Beyoncé and Jay-Z as her and her husband’s invited guests.

In a moment that seemed innocent to Curran, instead has seen social media going viral.

Curran leaned over to apparently ask both Beyoncé and Jay-Z if they wanted something to drink.

What happened appeared to be more than that to those who observed.

Ms. Carter’s facial expressions appeared to show her agitated by Curran leaning over her to speak with her husband.

The Beyhive didn’t appreciate it either and proceeded to come to their Queen’s defense.

The Hive swarmed Curran’s IG comments and let her know her actions weren’t appreciated.

Speaking to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Curran is said to be in tears over the “incident” and it has forced her to disable her Instagram account altogether.

Flip the pages to see the tweets from Shelburne’s conversation with Curran and why Curran had to shut down her IG, and video.

Its pretty wild.

Check it out.

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