British Soccer Star has Dog Stolen in Crazy Hollywood Hills Home Burglary (Video)

British Soccer Star Daniel Sturridge is appealing for the safe return of his stolen dog Lucci.

The former Liverpool Striker posted videos on his Instagram account early Tuesday morning showing a shattered glass door on his Hollywood Hills home.

LAPD confirmed they received a call around 1:30 A.M. for a home burglary.

Along with his Pomeranian, he also mentioned bags with undisclosed contents were taken.
In one of the videos, Sturridge states:

“Listen, somebodies broken into the house in L.A. Took my dog from the house. Listen, whoever knows who broke into my crib I’ll pay you anything. I’m dead serious…”

Lucci has an Instagram account that boasts over 3,000 followers.

Flip the pages to see the Sturridge’s plea for his dog’s safe return on Instagram and the interview with the local ABC affiliate.


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