Details on How Kawhi Leonard Has The Lakers and Raptors Feeling Like He Played Them In Free Agency (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Details on How Kawhi Leonard Has The Lakers and Raptors Feeling Like He Played Them In Free Agency (Video)

This sounds familiar, but not in the same sense.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported that 2 teams who fell short in the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes feel…cheated.

“I’ve heard complaints in the days after the signing. I heard complaints from the Lakers that they got played. I heard complaints from the Raptors that Kawhi came in and asked for the sun, the moon, the stars then left them at the altar.”

From the Lakers point of view, this sounds like the second time they’ve allegedly made comments like these. Just like the failed deadline Anthony Davis trade.

The implication: Leonard knew all along wasn’t signing with the Lakers, waited a week into free agency so other top free agents would commit elsewhere then announced his decision just to sabotage the Lakers.”


But in a way, you kind of feel sorry for them. Sure, nobody feels sorry for the Lakers and their 16 world titles, but they’ve gotten the wrong feeling about 2 situations regarding 2 high profile NBA superstars….TWICE.

So it’s hard to feel like Kawhi just came in and treated them like the trashy person dumping the other before prom or something.

Did I do that right?

On the flip side of things, sure, the whole Kawhi flying back to Toronto just for a meeting fiasco was anything but dramatic.

But the Raptors should’ve known from the jump that this was probably a 1 year rental for them anyways. He got you a title, even for a team he didn’t want to play for in the first place. The meeting was a generous gift.

But we can’t say that due to the wonderful rules of courtesy.

Either way, Kawhi orchestrated his free agency how he wanted to. Taking his time, while waiting for another star to join the Clippers.

If you can’t accept that, then why did you keep waiting on his decision for the first place?

Plus, if you can go this long without getting a single sense of where he’s going, how can you be upset?

I get the gist of Kawhi being a player who absolutely keeps even the slightest of information to his chest.

But come on, not even a peep?

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