Karlous Miller Explains His Return to Wild ’N Out After Being Fired Due to Reported Fall-Out With Nick Cannon; How He & Nick Squashed The Beef (Videos-Tweets)

Karlous Miller is back on Wild ‘N Out.

The comedian showed up on Sunday’s new episode disguised as a rapper named “Ski Mask The Bird God”. What’s interesting is that Karlous appeared on the show, after a lot of talk surrounded his departure and the manner in which he was let go.

Things started back in October of last year when The 85 South Show (which consists of Karlous, as well as comedians Chico Bean and DC Young Fly) appeared on The Breakfast Club. Around the 34 minute mark, while they are discussing Nick Cannon and Wild ‘N Out, Karlous informs the room that he was kicked off the show, which led to The Breakfast Club calling Nick on-air to confirm that Karlous was let go.

Per TMZ, Karlous recently addressed those issues:

The comedian — who got fired from the show last year after a reported falling-out with Nick — told us his guest appearance on Sunday’s episode happened after he and Nick hashed out some lingering issues. The tension between them was obvious during an October interview on “The Breakfast Club.”

ICYMI … Karlous and his 85 South Show pals aired out some dirty laundry on how he got canned — and suggested it was because he made a crack about going on a date with his ex, Mariah Carey, and her new beau.

Karlous (half-jokingly?) implied Nick didn’t like that, and things were never quite the same in their relationship. Eventually, he says the “white people” gave him the boot, but appeared to believe it was Nick’s doing. In that same interview, Nick flat-out denied it.

Fast-forward to this weekend, when Nick brought out a masked MC known as Ski Mask the Bird God … only to reveal it was actually Karlous, shocking the audience and the cast.

They battle-rapped and even made light of the situation … with Nick joking about Karlous getting fired on his day off. In the end, though, it was clearly all love between ’em.

Glad to see these two were able to squash the issues between them and Karlous is back on the show. He’s definitely one of the best cast members on the roster.

Flip the page for the Breakfast Club interview, Karlous’ return to Wild ‘N Out, and his interview with TMZ.

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