What The Eagles Had to Do With a Drug Dealer Final Words Before She Headed Off to Jail For Helping Her Client Overdose (Video)

Convicted Drug Dealer Gwendolyn Prebish will serve 6-15 years on a drug delivery charge.  This charge originates from an overdose death of Michael Pastorino back in 2016 for his usage of heroin.

Gwen told the Montgomery County, PA  judge before sentencing, she felt bad about her role in the overdose, but was she sincere about her role?

According to Prosecutors, this was not a one-time thing.

After being sentenced and escorted out of the courtroom and into police custody, Gwen was asked by a reporter did she have any comment on her sentencing?

Flip th page for the video of what she uttered at reporters and why the Eagles just groaned.

Royal Howell

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