Amber Rose Upset She Wasn’t Voted Greatest Hoe of All-Time; Twitter Reacts to Who is on The List (IG-Tweets-Pics-Vids)

Recently somebody posted a “Greatest hoes of all time” post. Amber Rose took it upon herself to respond on Instagram. Amber said on IG

This is bullsh*t I’ve worked my entire life for this, put in my blood, sweat and tears, I’ve had Slutwalks and even 2 different baby Daddies!! And I still can’t get the #1 Hoe spot???? Dammmnnn smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ #outraged Congratulations to my girl @christinamilian tho 😒😔😥🙄”

I’m sure nobody is surprised this came from Amber Rose. But you have to admire the way she is true to herself.

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