The Mother of John Singleton’s Child & His Mother Explain Why They Think Singleton’s New Girlfriend Possibly Killed Him (IG Posts)

John Singelton’s death in April shocked a lot of people from family, to friends, even fans who are aware of the work he’s done in film throughout his life.

Singelton was best known for his role in “Boyz In The Hood”. An absolute classic that is still watched by so many people today.

Hell, I even take chances to watch it over and over again. It’s that dang great of a movie.

But Singleton’s death raised some questions among the mother of his 2 children and even his own mother.

Now I won’t even begin to speculate on if their claims are true, because they’re pretty wild in nature. But what I will say is if these claims are untrue, shame on them for even putting them out there.

Now maybe I can pass some leeway because they’re both still grieving.

But come on man.

Flip the page to see what Singelton’s baby momma said about Singelton’s girlfriend killing him.

AND Singleton’s mother echoing Singleton’s baby momma’s thoughts.