Details on DeSean Jackson Auctioning His Nipsey Hussle Cleats to These Two Special People (Videos)

Nipsey Hussle’s impact on athletes is still heavy.

DeSean Jackson wore some special cleats before the Eagles took on the Redskins yesterday. But these cleats aren’t just some special cleats, they’re cleats that will have impact on 2 kids for the rest of their life.

Jackson posted a picture of the cleats, with a message pertaining to the heavy impact they’ll have.

Jackson will wear a different pair of custom made Nipsey Hussle cleats each week. After each game, he’ll auction them off and the proceeds will given to Hussle’s children.

It’s a great job of Jackson using his brand to do something he didn’t have to do. He went above and beyond and has made a vow that will support 2 kids that lost their own father.

Great job DeSean.

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