Twitter Reacts to Brent Musburger Calling Bill Belichick a Grand Wizard (Tweets)

I mean was Brent Musburger hacked?

No, but with this tweet, how can you not think he was?

Antonio Brown is now a Patriot, so everyone should feel fear about the wonders Tom Brady could do within the offense. But the actual story here is the apparent displeasure of Brown’s move to New England from none other than Brent Musburger.

He tweeted out some pretty weird tweet about the move that had many scratching their heads.

Mines included.

We probably won’t get any type of clarification about the tweet, but I want to know more. Like how this idea for a tweet popped up in his head.

Maybe? I don’t know.

Could’ve been a classic case of awful phrasing, but who knows.

Flip the page to see Brent Musburger’s confusing tweet about Antonio Brown.

AND Twitter’s reaction to it.