Kehlani’s Baby Daddy Addresses If He’s Her Sperm Donor and If He’s Gay After She Got With YG and Said Their Relationships Was Five Years In The Making (Tweet-Vid-Pics)

Kehlani and YG officially came out as a couple at last week’s New York Fashion Week. Kehlani said this relationship was in the works for five years with the Compton rapper and that left many questions such as did she really cheat on Kyrie Irving three years ago. She and YG also each had newborn babies this year.

Kehlani and YG’s previous relationships ended pretty fast and now people are wondering about Kehlani’s baby daddy’s role in her pregnancy. He took to Twitter to say that he’s never been a sperm donor, isn’t gay, and has never played the “gay best friend role.”

He added that he flat out likes what he likes and is a father to his daughter. He thinks if people wanna be nosy, they need to get their facts straight. Kehlani was very private about who the father of her daughter was but is proud to be with YG now.

Flip the pages for Kehlani’s BD’s tweet,  photos of her and YG, and the two at NYFW.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

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