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Here Are 3 Reasons Why a Potential Titans Win Against The Chiefs Won’t Turn The Titans’ Season Around

The Tennessee Titans aren’t looking so hot at the moment. Their offense continues to be a huge problem, the offensive line can’t seem to block air, and the coaching staff has committed far too many blunders through 9 games.

You look at their performance so far, plus the schedule they have going forward, and you start to convince yourself that this team isn’t even close to getting back on the right track.

But what if I told you that they can change the conversation? By winning Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, you give yourself a chance to reexamine where your season could lead.

However, even if the Titans are able to pull off the massive upset and beat the Chiefs, what good will it do?

Here are a couple reasons why a win against the Chiefs won’t really matter at all.

1. The Titans’ Remaining Schedule Is Brutal

Before the season began, we took at look at the Titans’ schedule and saw that the early part of it didn’t seem so bad. As the season rolled on however, we saw that the Titans missed way too many chances to get off to a good start.

Humiliating losses to the Bills, Broncos, and Jaguars squashed any optimism this team has somewhat secured.

Now with those early games now in distant memory, the Titans will have to go through a gauntlet just to stay at .500.

Starting with the Chiefs on Sunday, the Titans will play 6 teams that have winning records to close the year. That includes 2 games against the division rival Texans, 2 more divisional games against the Colts and Jags, and a trip to Oakland to take on the Raiders.

Even the New Orleans Saints will take a trip to Nashville in week 16.

Take into account that this offense still has a chance to malfunction like a badly made robot every week, and it’s hard to even believe the Titans could have a winning record during this final part of the season.

You can dream all you want, but I just can’t see this team getting its act together for this crucial stretch of the 2019 season.

2. The Titans Have Shown No Signs of Consistency

Have I mentioned how awful the Titans’ offense is?

Sure, the Titans have had some good days. Take the week 4 win against the Falcons and the week 7 win against the Chargers for examples.

But other than those 2 performances, the offense hasn’t shown it can consistently move the football up and down the field. In case you don’t know, that’s a really big problem. A problem that just won’t be able to be solved with the remaining time in the 2019 season.

Sure, you can maybe tweak a couple things philosophically that could lead to some sort of improvement. But this offense is what’s going to be the norm for the majority of the rest of the year.

No team is going to be able to come out of their hole when their offense is THIS bad.

The only way that might be successful is if you have an elite defense that can win you a good bit of games.

Looking at you Buffalo.

3. The Defense Has Started to Leak With Injuries Piling Up

The only way the Titans won close games this year is because their defense found a way to get a stop.

It didn’t matter the situation, the defense always found a way to bail out this poor excuse of an offense.

But lately, this defense has started to show some leakage, with the pass defense looking increasingly suspect over the last couple of weeks. Phillip Rivers found open receivers for a good bit of the afternoon in week 7, Mike Evans turned into a god in week 8, and Christian McCaffrey tore up the Titans in the receiving compartment.

Now with Malcom Butler gone for most likely the rest of the year and Jurrell Casey being banged up, the Titans will have to come up with some big answers on defense.

Especially when they have to play some pretty explosive offenses down the stretch, starting with the juggernaut that is otherwise known as the Kansas City Chiefs.

Again, can anything happen? Shoot yeah.

But I highly doubt the Titans can pull their selves out of this massive hole they’ve dug their selves in.

Featured photo via James Kenney/AP