Watch a Cop Handcuff and Cite Black Man For the Violent Crime of Eating a Breakfast Sandwich While Waiting on BART (Video)

Yes, you aren’t supposed to eat while waiting on the train.

You also aren’t supposed to cross the street until the little white man shows up. Neither one of those should have you in handcuffs, but alas here we are.

The incident happened Monday morning at 8 a.m., and the officer, whose nametag says D. McCormick, can be seen taking Gluckman aside and telling him he’s being cited for eating a breakfast sandwich in the paid area of the BART station. “You’re eating,” Officer McCormick says. “It’s against the law.” A friend captured the exchange on video, as well as a subsequent exchange she had with the officer while he was writing the citation.

Gluckman asked why he was singled out, and asks the officer to let go of his backpack, which the officer was holding onto with a finger. When asked if he’s going to cooperate, Gluckman says, “Are you going to let go of my bag?” The officer then says, “You’re going to jail.” And Gluckman says, “For eating a fucking sandwich?”

My thoughts exactly.

Flip the page for the disgusting videos.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline