Watch Soccer Player Antoine Camilleri Get Taken Away And Eventually Arrested After Attacking Ref During Game; What He Was Charged With And What Other Punishments He Received (Video)

Soccer isn’t exactly known for all the action that goes on during the game. Antoine Camilleri might be trying to change that.

During the final minutes of the Maltese football championship, Camilleri received his second yellow card and was sent off pitch. Camilleri tackled another player, which was the second time he had done so during the game,  so assistant referee Massimo Axisa pulled out a red and Camilleri did not like the decision at all.

He got so mad that he started to punch and kick Axisa.

He was then arrested and pleaded guilty to charges of threatening and injuring a person, and using offensive language.

He also received a one-year ban from playing soccer along with a fine of $111.

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