Antonio Brown’s Apology Tour Continues Says He is Sorry to Big Ben, Points Out He’s Been Talking to Jon Gruden and Would Be Open to Returning Raiders After Allegedly Calling Mike Mayock a “Cracker” (IG-Vids)

The never-ending saga known as Antonio Brown may soon get a familiar ending.

In an interview with Load Management, Brown claims he and Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden have remained in contact throughout his sabbatical with the NFL. According to Brown, he “just got off the phone” with Gruden before the interview. 

It seems appropriate that the light may not have dimmed completely between the two considering how much the Raiders gave up to originally acquire Brown last off-season. The then Oakland Raiders parted with both a 3rd and 5th round pick in the trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers. If anyone understands the value of draft picks it would be a former draft guru and current Raiders GM Mike Mayock who AB allegedly called a Cracker.

Alternatively, Brown doesn’t have many chances left around the league at this point. Terrell Owens was ostracized around the league for far less than the litany of things Brown has found himself into over the past year or so. It should be noted that he also talked about rejoining the New England Patriots and believes that he missed on a large amount of money with the Patriots, saying that he told head coach Bill Belichek that he “needs to get that 9 million,” referring to the contract the team originally agreed to give Brown before his subsequent termination.

Perhaps since the team is moving to Las Vegas, they fully intend on embracing the gambling atmosphere with such a move.

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