Devin Booker's Girlfriend Hannah Harrison Breaks Up With Him For Cheating on Her With Kendall Jenner | BlackSportsOnline
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After Being Spotted RONA Road Tripping With Ben Simmons’ Girlfriend Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker’s Girlfriend Hannah Harrison Was Not Pleased & Started Ranting on Social Media; Here Is What She Had to Say (IG Story-Pics-Vids)

It may have been all fun and games at first, but Devin Booker is experiencing a little fallout in his personal life as a result of being spotted out with Kendall Jenner on what some are calling a pandemic vacation.

Apparently Devin Booker’s girlfriend Hannah Harrison didn’t get her invite to the retreat and is fully expressing her displeasure in the only way she can currently.

The internet detectives noticed Hannah Harrison seemingly scrubbed all traces of Devin Booker from her IG with the push of a button. The block button.

This whole ordeal is quite confusing if Devin Booker is indeed in a relationship, how did he expect to stay under the radar with someone like Kendall Jenner for long? Kendall Jenner along with her super famous Kardashian sisters are not exactly known as the most discreet celebrities in Hollywood, this family and Kendall, in particular, are regular fixtures in the media.

Hannah Harrison may be wondering the exact same thing and has moved swiftly to sever ties for the time being with the Phoenix Suns guard for his lapse in judgment.

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