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Sharks Evander Kane Sued For Not Paying Mistress $2 Million For 3rd Abortion

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has had himself quite the offseason. He filed for personal bankruptcy due to his gambling issues, enduring a public and messy divorce from his wife, who outed him for gambling and even on games he played with the Sharks. According to a report by Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, Kane’s teammates didn’t care for him and wanted him traded. A federal bankruptcy judge approved discovery in a lawsuit filed by Hope Parker, a mistress who alleges he would pay her upwards of $2 million to terminate the pregnancy.

Parker can start looking for witness testimony and text messages from Kane, who, according to Parker, changed his mind about paying her before she sent him proof of the abortion. Parker allegedly had aborted two other fetuses she conceived with Kane, who paid only $125,000 for the second abortion.

“Plaintiff (Parker) was unwilling to terminate the third pregnancy until Defendant (Kane) offered her two to three million dollars to do so,” federal bankruptcy judge Stephen Johnson wrote, per The Athletic.

“Then, on June 13, 2018, Plaintiff sent Defendant a text message of her lab results, which confirmed she had terminated the third pregnancy. When Plaintiff requested Defendant update her on the status of her payment, Defendant, for the first time, told (Plaintiff) he was not going to pay her, stating: ‘I’ll have my lawyer contact you I’m not dealing with this any further then.’

“I can infer from the complaint that Plaintiff falsely said he would pay … to abort the third pregnancy, and that he did so to deceive (her) into actually undergoing that abortion.”

Her lawsuit was pushed under the rug due to the COVID-19 pandemic but was brought back up during Kane’s bankruptcy filing in January of this year.

Kane has also put up his San Jose home for $3.2 million and now accuses his estranged wife of hitting him during the course of their marriage.  It appears this was one of the reasons she was putting her hands on him.

For Kane’s sake, let’s hope he has a good lawyer to salvage whatever he can from his divorce and this new allegation that is coming to light, especially if Parker’s allegations prove true.

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