Sharks Evander Kane’s Wife Accuses Him of Throwing Games Because of Gambling Debts After He Left Her For IG Models – BlackSportsOnline
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Sharks Evander Kane’s Wife Accuses Him of Throwing Games Because of Gambling Debts After He Left Her For IG Models

There is a Dr. Umar gif I could put in this post, but let me just stick to the accusations.

Sharks Evander Kane and his wife Anna appear to be going through a bitter breakup.

Anna is also pregnant.

After Evander sent her an email saying he would be coming by to see his daughter and he wanted her out of the house, she went nuclear on her Instagram account.

It started off with the standard stuff.

She spoke on how Kane basically left her barefoot and pregnant to go party in Europe with the IG models. She said he is eating out every night and having a good time while leaving her at home broke.

She said she doesn’t have any money for formula and Kane disappeared for a week.

She claims she had to pawn her wedding ring just to have enough money to get by.

I assume when that wasn’t getting the reaction she wanted, she pulled out the BIG guns. She @ the NHL and Commissioner Gary Bettman to say that Kane has a gambling problem and is in serious debt.

She accuses Kane of throwing hockey games so he could win bets and pay off his bookies.

She also said that Kane is betting on his own games.

Kane has had issues with gambling before. He has been sued by casinos and has had to file bankruptcy over his money issues.

Kane’s gambling history and finances have been public knowledge for some time. A Las Vegas Strip casino sued Kane in 2019, alleging he failed to repay a $500,000 gambling debt racked up during a playoff series against the Golden Knights.

We can’t be naive here, I am sure this happens in all sports. That isn’t to say that Kane is doing it, it could just be his wife is very bitter at the breakup.

With that being said it would be cold if it was true and it is your wife that ended your career.

It might be best just not to get married if you are going to have to deal with stuff like this.

The NHL has released a statement and they are about to send the investigators in to see if what she is saying is true.

Wild times.

Flip the pages for her IG posts, The NHL response and her now calling out his mistress..

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