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5 Most Popular Sports to Play in Canada

A country where sports have so much to offer is known as Canada. The excellent climate and strong economy of Canada make it an attractive place for visitors or residents alike, with low crime rates in addition! 

Canadians also enjoy showing off their talent through sporting contests such as ice hockey games between teams from different areas who compete at the international level when they’re not competing against each other locally – another reason why this sport offers perfect opportunities for showcasing skills while fostering unity among Canadians everywhere.

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There isn’t just one type of Canadian sports fan: you’ll find everything here, including lacrosse (American version), football-which Americans call soccer-, mountain climbing competitions involving both aerobic fitness levels/endurance hiking over rough terrains far away.


  • Ice Hockey


The country is known for its hockey teams, and it’s no surprise that the sport has been named Canada’s official national sport for winter. The Canadian Ice Hockey league (known colloquially as “NHL”) was founded in 1917 with seven original franchises: Montreal Canadiens; Toronto Tecumseh Sports Club; Vancouver Application of Hokinson- averaged out at around 2 players each year between 1920 – 1940, which increased significantly after 1950 when more than 5500 kids were involved annually.


  • Lacrosse


Lacrosse was declared a national game of Canada in 1859, and it’s now played across the nation by thousands. It has various levels, including professional leagues for box lacrosse (the NLL) and field versions that make up major league Lacrosse today- despite having been invented by immigrants from England who settled near Montreal decades ago!

The first World Championship tournament where teams from North America met their international counterparts took place back then on June 14th, 1982 – US beat CAN 15 10 at the home ground though they lost again two years later 12 13.


  • Soccer


The first soccer game in Canada was played in October 1876 between two local clubs. After that, soccer gained popularity and resulted in many innovations that are still being used today, such as penalty kicks or corner kicks, for instance! It’s no surprise why so many Canadians love playing this great game of skillful football with its emphasis on strategy over strength.

The Canadian Women have also succeeded numerous times internationally while becoming well known throughout Europe during London 2012. They showed remarkable performance right through until the Bronze Medal Game against France.


  • Baseball


Baseball is also one of Canada’s most played sports games, and Canadians have played a significant role in its success. From 1874 to 1935, over 1000 baseball games per year took place outside of America’s borders; all but one occurred within Canadian boundaries.

The first international game was between Ontario and Quebec, which started an intense rivalry we know well today: “The Annual confrontations,” as fans call them, love playing them every summer solstice without fail–the longest-running such event still going strong at 82 years now.


  • Cricket


Canadians are known as the most loyal fans in all sports. Canada has one of the best women’s cricket teams around, which is why they were so excited when this new team was created to represent their country at international events like U-19 World Cups!

The national side also participates regularly in One Day International Matches against other nations without being sanctioned by an official governing board or organization – something that makes them stand out from many others with similar limited resources as ours here on Earth who can only dream about playing abroad someday soon enough.