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Lala Anthony on Divorcing Carmelo Anthony After He Allegedly Had Twins and Sent Them to The UK to Hide

According to LaLa, she and Carmelo never recovered from when Melo had a baby with Mia Burks. That was years ago. It was reported many times since then that they had gotten back together. There have been some bumpy times since then. There was the time that Carmelo Anthony was looking real cozy with a young lady on a yacht that he said was just a business associate.

The straw that appears broke the camel’s back was when Lee Daniels’ niece claimed that Carmelo got her pregnant with twins and sent them off to the UK.

While she admits that she’s no angel, she says she honestly didn’t feel bad about seeing Carmelo because she alleges that she also knows “who’s f*cking LaLa too!” Aside from that, in September, the woman found out she was pregnant with twins! The plan was for her to get an abortion in LA, which Carmelo agreed to as neither of them wanted it to turn into a bigger situation. The woman, 38, said she needed a medical abortion, which means she had to be accompanied by someone, as some places require. But Carmelo never flew back from Portland to LA to show up for the procedure.

As time went on, she was no longer able to have the abortion, so the two came up with a plan: To avoid controversy, they both agreed for her to fly out to London to have the babies with the agreement that he would come out there and visit when his season was over.

To note, the woman said as the two were figuring out what they were going to do, Carmelo suggested making the babies British citizens. She said she figured he would say that because it’s hard to update the birth certificates and knew she would eventually want his last name on it. She said she went ahead and did so but quickly reversed it because she knew it was the wrong move.

Right before that story broke, Lala filed for divorce.

She hasn’t spoken about it publicly until now.

“It’s been years now since then,” LaLa said. “Like, to a lot of people, it feels like this single thing is new. It’s been years now that we’ve separated and stuff, so I’ve dealt with the emotions behind it, and I still have my moments, but, for the most part, I can talk about it now and laugh about it and find the humor in it all. Otherwise, I’d be a basket case…I already went through that part.”

When Martinez asked about her emotional state when the marriage started to fall apart, LaLa responded, “I was bad because it was public, I was bad because there were other people involved, I was bad because there were allegations — it got bad.”

They have also seemed to be good co-parents, so we wish them well in the future.

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