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Ben Simmons Thrown Out of Practice and Suspended For One Game By Sixers

Doc Rivers kicked Ben Simmons out of practice for not being engaged.

Shortly after that, Simmons was suspended one game for conduct detrimental to the team.

Simmons won’t play in the season opener now.

One has to wonder if this is intentional by Simmons and Rich Paul? Simmons practiced yesterday with a cell phone in his pocket and gray sweatpants. That is the same attire I wear to walk my dog. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he was sporting CROCS today on the court.

It is a bold strategy from Simmons, but one we have seen work before, most recently with James Harden. It isn’t a good look for Simmons, but if the past is any indication, teams won’t care about his pouting as long as he is engaged once he is traded to them. It is a mess, but Doc Simmons had to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

I think the Sixers best strategy is just to keep hurting his pockets because every time he is suspended, that is another game check that he loses out on. Simmons is hoping that the team will send him home with pay, but for now, it doesn’t appear the Sixers are going to do that.

If he is on the team, they expect him to be engaged and play hard, but Simmons has already quit on the team before the season starts. I am sure some of his teammates want to punch him in the face, and maybe that is what has to happen. They need some sort of come to Jesus moment if they plan on pulling this all together.

Who knew that Simmons would become such a diva in such a short period of time.

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