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ESPN Has Removed Sage Steele From Air For Talking Trash About Disney and Black People

It is about time that Sage Steele was punished for being a terrible person.

For years she has been talking bad publicly about the entire black race. She went too far on Jay Cutler’s podcast talking bad about President Obama, black women in media, and black men.

I feel though the only reason that ESPN stepped in was because she called them a sick and scary company for their vaccine mandate.

According to Front Office Sports, she has been pulled off the air (hopefully permanently).

ESPN anchor Sage Steele has been removed from the air, sources told Front Office Sports.

The co-anchor of the noon “SportsCenter” is expected to be off for at least a week, said sources. Steele is also expected to skip her turn as host of the espnW: Women + Sports Summit, which takes place Oct. 18-20.

Steele has tested positive for COVID-19, according to sources. But her not appearing on-air goes beyond her diagnosis.

Steele apologized for her comments, but it was too late.

According to TOS, as I stated before, the only reason ESPN stepped in was that Disney, which is basically its own country, now didn’t like her trashing the company.

It is ok to trash black people, but you can’t trash the mouse.

I reached out to ESPN for a statement to see exactly what her punishment is and would it be a long-term thing or temporary, and here is what they had to say.

“We are having direct conversations with Sage, and those conversations will remain private.”

For now, her punishment seems to be a week suspension and not being allowed to host the ESPNW Women’s summit, but it could end up being longer.

If she was to be let go, don’t feel bad for her. She will have several options with right-wing media who absolutely love a black person who talks badly publicly about black people.

She will need to stay getting paid because she owes a ton of alimony and child support to her white savior husband, who left her.

Ironic, isn’t it.

Flip the pages for Sage, digging her own grave on Jay Cutler’s podcast and why ESPN normally does nothing about it.

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