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Video of Tyson Fury Knocking Out Deontay Wilder in 11th Round

Deontay Wilder got COOKED.

He fought with the heart of a champion, but Tyson Fury, besides one round, beat-up Deontay Wilder for the second time, and this time he left no doubt.

Fury knocked him out cold.

Here is a recap of what went down in the fight.

Wilder did indeed come out with a new game plan. He was much more aggressive and trying to commit to the body. These were the things he worked on with Malik Scott in training camp. He wanted to show that he was a new and improved Wilder.

Wilder looked strong for the first two rounds, but in the third, everything changed. Fury put Wilder down with a similar flurry of punches as he did in their first fight. At that time, people wondered how long the fight would go because Wilder immediately abandoned his game plan.

Then just when it looked like Wilder was about to get knocked out again, he knocked down Fury not once but twice in the 4th round.

At that point, a real fight broke out.

Wilder couldn’t capitalize on the momentum, and once Fury got his legs back under him, the beat down continued. It was interesting because Wilder looked on shaky legs and was ready to go for several rounds, but somehow he was able to stay on his feet and fire back to try to keep Fury off him.

Wilder is always dangerous, but it just seemed like it was a matter of time, and finally, in the 11th round, Fury put him down for the last and final time.

There was no controversy; this was about as clear of a win as you could get. Fury proved he was the better man and proved it with a big-ass right hand.

Flip the page for the video of the knockout and all five knockdowns.

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