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DaBaby’s Baby Mama DaniLeigh Charged With Assault For Attacking The Musician Twice

According to reports, following the drama that ensued between DaBaby and his baby mama, DaniLeigh, she has been charged with two counts of simple assaults for allegedly attacking the rapper twice.

TMZ reports that cops showed up at the rapper’s home, and according to them, DaniLeigh assaulted the musician on Sunday night and on Monday.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD, “DaniLeigh was charged with “two counts of simple assault” after officers paid two visits to DaBaby’s home.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD says DaniLeigh was charged with 2 counts of simple assault after officers made 2 visits to the rapper’s home. The first came on Sunday night … after DaBaby had gone live on IG, showing DaniLeigh as she was feeding their 3-month-old child. Cops say DaBaby accused the singer of striking him, but police left without making an arrest.

That changed though when they went back to the house on Monday around 9:30 AM, responding to DaBaby’s second claim of domestic abuse. This time, cops say their investigation found enough evidence to cite her for 2 misdemeanor assaults — one for Monday and Sunday’s alleged incidents.

During the Sunday night incident, DaBaby said, “I gotta record you for my safety. You ain’t fitting to bring this Black man down.”

It would appear the alleged assault had already happened, and DaBaby was recording DaniLeigh out of fear she might claim he had hit her.

On Monday, he posted a video seemingly accusing her of using their baby for Internet clout. He never mentioned anything about her allegedly hitting him. He did, however, vow to take care of their child … despite all the drama between DaniLeigh and himself.

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh’s getting the hell outta town. Monday afternoon, she posted a pic showing the ceiling and air vents on a commercial jet. No word where she’s flying, but she says she and the child are safe.

DaniLeigh should just move on with her life because it doesn’t seem DaBady is ready for her since he’s got a lot of issues to deal with due to his homophobic brouhaha.

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