Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy’s Ex-GF Kristin Evans Shares Photos Of Her Injuries From All The Times He Beat Her – BlackSportsOnline
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Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy’s Ex-GF Kristin Evans Shares Photos Of Her Injuries From All The Times He Beat Her

It was very clear from the video that this wasn’t the first time Zac Stacy had put his hands on his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans.

When something traumatic is happening to you for the first time, a couple of things happen. First, you are in shock, and then your fight or flight instincts kick in.

When something has happened to you many times, you are numb to it and don’t even react anymore, which is exactly how Evans responded to being violently attacked by Stacy.

She just absorbed it like it was her normal everyday life.

That is sad, and things shouldn’t be like that. This is why him being in jail is the first step of her recovery.

Here is what she had to say.

The woman, Kristin Evans, provided TMZ Sports photos of injuries she says were inflicted by the former NY Jets back on August 15, 2021 … when she claims he flew into a violent rage over rent money.

“He physically assaulted me several times because he wanted the money back he gave me for our rent,” the woman wrote in a restraining order application, filed Monday in Florida.

She continued … “He punched my legs, slapped me, picked me up by my arms, and threw me into my window, which broke. I had glass in my feet that I removed myself.”

Evans says she called the cops … but downplayed the event, telling them they were involved in a verbal argument.

And, sadly, there’s more. Evans says she was also victimized on September 27 … when Stacy slapped her in the face. The woman tells us she wanted to press battery charges over the alleged incident.

In the docs, she says “[Zac] has escalated violence since May while I was pregnant. He also assaulted me just weeks before our son was born. He will not stop. He will kill me and he feels justified in his actions.”

Evans isn’t lying. Anyone capable of what Stacy did in that video is capable of murder.

She has moved to an undisclosed location where for now, she is safe from Stacy, who has been arrested.

Flip the page for the disgusting video and her injuries.

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