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Giants Kadarius Toney Gets Backlash For Showing Support For Henry Ruggs III

As an athlete (or anyone in the public eye, for that matter), you should always know when to not say anything.

Especially after saying something stupid.

Giants Kadarius Toney hasn’t learned that. Toney tweeted out support for Henry Ruggs after he was charged for driving while drunk, which resulted in the death of a young lady.

Supporting him wasn’t really the issue, but he didn’t really realize how serious things were because he said that we are young and everyone makes mistakes. Adding people are looking at the situation like it’s this or that, and it was goofy to drag him.

He obviously got a lot of criticism for those comments, but it didn’t matter to him because he doubled down, saying pray for the families but take everything else he said how you want.

He was also upset when asked about it repeatedly.

Learn to read the room.  As far as Ruggs III, he has much more serious things to worry about, but his defense team is already passing some of the blame.

Lawyers for Henry Ruggs III wrote in a court filing that a witness said firefighters were slow to extinguish a vehicle fire sparked by a deadly crash that authorities say was caused by the former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver.

Ruggs, 22, is accused of driving drunk at speeds up to 156 mph with his girlfriend in his Corvette sports car before the predawn crash Nov. 2. The team released him hours after the crash.

“Firemen did not attempt to extinguish the fire at Ms. Tintor’s vehicle for approximately 20 minutes at which time the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames,” defense attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld said in a Wednesday court filing that does not identify their witness.

While there is nothing wrong with showing empathy, there are times it is best to say nothing.

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