Chloe Bailey Goes Viral For Latest Provocative Video; Social Media Debates if It is Too Much – BlackSportsOnline
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Chloe Bailey Goes Viral For Latest Provocative Video; Social Media Debates if It is Too Much

Chloe Bailey has dropped a provocative video of herself on Twitter, and fans are having a field day on the App! Twitter folks are confused as to whether to cringe or lust over the video, which sees Chloe licking a lollipop and sort of teasing them with her banging body.

In the video, Chloe Bailey rocked lace underwear while sucking on a lollipop as if her survival depended on it. She is obviously letting us know that she can be crazy and adventurous in the bedroom.

Chloe is heard in the short video saying:

To my four million followers and counting my candy kisses and my clovers thank you so much for loving me, and I love you right on back. There’s a lot more to come.

She captioned the video:

woke up with you guys on my mind.. couldn’t forget to thank y’all.

While some fans are okay with her provocative video, others who think she’s gone extreme jumped on her in the comment section and knocked some sense into her skull.

One fan wrote:

Okay, that video Chloe Bailey just posted was very cringe, and I’ve never been cringing from one of her vids before.

Another wrote:

I kind of think it’s obvious that her and her team are using it as a marketing strategy. People are talking about how cringy it is, but it’s causing people to go and look at her content.

Another fan came through with:

How did Beyonce agree to this? Becoming oversexualized, and it is plain unnecessary when you have the voice, the range, the beauty, and the talent. So what’s the marketing strategy? Just Sex appeal? Hmm.

My thoughts are always the same. She is a grown woman. She can put whatever she likes on social media. She is also a star, so you have to understand there will be backlash no matter what you say, do, or post. As long as it isn’t messing with her mental health, she should do what is best for her.

People are going to think whatever they are going to think. As long as you are true to yourself, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It doesn’t seem to be hurting her pockets, so I am sure the goal is to go viral and get people’s attention. She has no problem doing that.

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