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J. Cole Supports Kim Kardashian To Prevent Execution Of Death Row Inmate Julius Jones

It’s great for J. Cole to demand that people call Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, but has he done it himself on behalf of Oklahoma death row inmate Julius Jones?

According to J. Cole’s Twitter, he backed and supported Hollywood business mogul and fashion expert Kim Kardashian who wants Jones cleared of a murder in 1999.

Celebrities are often at the forefront when it comes to Black men who are innocent and falsely accused of something they didn’t do.

Attorneys for Julius Jones have filed an emergency motion for a preliminary injunction based on the drugs Oklahoma uses to execute inmates.

The plaintiffs are focusing on the execution of John Grant, where witness say he was convulsing and vomiting.

Julius Jones is set to be executed Thursday, Nov. 18 at 4 p.m.

His attorneys argue Grant’s execution is new evidence that Oklahoma’s three drug cocktail is cruel and unusual punishment.

The motion, supported by the declarations of eyewitnesses to Mr. Grant’s execution and medical experts, argues that Mr. Grant’s execution provides “compelling evidence that [Oklahoma’s] Execution Protocol and the use of midazolam, as well as the cursory consciousness checks done under the Protocol, pose a serious and substantial risk of suffering and pain to prisoners.”

There’s nothing that can be done, and Stitt rest his case knowing Black people will forever hate him on his unmoved emotions.

There is a ton of evidence that Julius Jones is innocent and shouldn’t be put to death. There was so much corruption in his case people were fired over it. No one likes the Governor of Oklahoma, but he really needs to do the right thing here instead of just being holed up in his mansion and watching an innocent man die.

Should out to Kim Kardashian, J Cole, Baker Mayfield, and others are trying to overturn this horrific decision.

Flip the page for Cole’s Tweet to Kim’s response.

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