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Kellita Smith Talks 20th Anniversary Of The Bernie Mac Show: Reflects On Her Beautiful Career As An Actress

Tonight, we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Bernie Mac Show which aired on this day in 2001 on FOX! 🎥🔥 The beautiful, bad, sexy and sassy actress Kellita Smith graces me with her presence and wisdom. Smith talks Bernie's legacy, NFL Football, her amazing 27+ acting career, 2022 Netflix show and MORE! #OldSoulConversation #Noexplanations #JournalistLife #BERNIEMACDAY Press Release 10. 🔥❤❤🎥🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Posted by Nathan Addison on Sunday, November 14, 2021

Actress and comedian Kellita Smith is a blessing to the film industry with over 25 years in the business. Smith spoke with BSO on Saturday about the 20th Anniversary of The Bernie Mac Show and her illustrious career. On Nov. 14, 2001, the late Bernie Mac brought an authentic and realistic show to Fox highlighting his experience with his sister’s three kids. However, it was Smith who rose to the occasion and pursued one role that elevated her career.

“I remember hearing pretty soon down the pipeline that Bernie was going to get his own show. After Kings Of Comedy, it was more likely that it was going to happen,” Smith said. “I remember actually going to get some Popeyes Chicken and going to the movies to go see Kings of Comedy. I’ve always been a Bernie Mac fan, but I just wanted to feel his energy at the time because I’m sure he’s going to have a wife.”

The quest wasn’t easy for Smith who battled for the role of Wanda against brown and lighter women who felt they were the ideal wife for Mac. With her sassy attitude, sexy look and educated background, the world officially came to know her as Aunt Wanda.

“I get an audition and they [Casting directors] told me no. They called me back and they told me no again. I was like, ‘wait a minute…they’re going to stop telling me no,” Smith said while laughing. “At that time, I thought, ‘is this over? The wonderful thing they said to me in the second audition was put it in your own words. In my mind, I’m thinking Bernie’s wife [Wanda] would be a little like Bernie.”

Smith brought the laughter and could go toe-to-toe with Mac in episodes where he felt he knew what was best for the kids. Her ability to nurture and more importantly make a house feel like home are what fans loved about Wanda.

In 2008, Mac suffered from sarcoidosis and died on Aug. 9 due to complications from the severe disease. Smith in 2021 still cherishes her memories with Mac on set and off the set. As an NFL fan, she planned to spend her Sunday rooting for the Oakland Raiders on Bernie Mac Day.

“I still talk to the kids. They’re grown now…they’re not kids. They’re grown with kids. I think the thing about Bernie is that I did share that and I do have that. That really happened. That is mine to have…mine to hold,” Smith said. “We were the only two adults on the show so a lot of my experiences were with him. It wasn’t with his family. I got some experiences with the kids.”

There’s no other woman in the history of television who could portray Aunt Wanda better than Smith. As an award winning actress who appeared in CBS Nash Bridges, UPN’s Malcolm & Eddie, The Jamie Foxx Show and Martin, Smith has enjoyed every role she’s earned. Rather it was her stare, soft melanin skin and the walk with an a** turning heads, she’s proven how versatile she could be in any role given to her.

Smith is currently portraying Cheryl in the hit TV series In The Cut on Bounce TV. In 2022, she’ll be starring in a show on Netflix as she prepares to finish out 2021 living her life the best way she sees fit.