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Michael Irvin on Him and Mike Tyson Sleeping With White Women at Trump Tower

It seems like everyone has a Mike Tyson story, and they always sound unbelievable, but I am 100% that they are true.

You know how they say the legend is often better than the reality, but with Tyson, all the legendary stories are real. Here is another coming courtesy of Michael Irvin, who was on the Flagrant 2 podcast.

According to Irvin, Tyson was fresh out of jail, and Irvin was on probation when they hooked up in New York. Irvin said Tyson approached him because he heard that Irvin had the hook up with the Snow Bunnies, aka white women.

They all took a limo filled with Snow Bunnies back to Tyson’s suite at the Trump Towers (I know this is all like six degrees of separation).

T.O. was there but was overwhelmed by all the debauchery that was going on in the suite, so he went home, but Irvin said he sent some snow bunnies with him.

Irvin said at one point, Tyson took his limo and driver back to the hood and scarred the driver for life.

Irvin was very entertaining on the show. He spoke about how he didn’t have relations before a game because he thought it weakened his legs, but he did have a weakness for the -IAN.

When asked what was in an -IAN, Irvin replied.

“ColombIAN, BrazlIAN, ItalIAN or CacasuIAN”.

Hilarious stuff from Irvin, and it wasn’t all about women. Irvin goes into how he made sure the Packers didn’t draft him, how OJ Simpson gave him financial advice that he still uses today, claimed he had CTE when they asked him how many women he had in the WHITE HOUSE.

I have met Irvin a few times, he is the same in person as he is on T.V. and nice to everyone, so there is nothing fake or phony about him.

Flip the pages for the interview you will be entertained.

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