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Scottie Pippen Claims Michael Jordan Ruined Basketball and Says LeBron is GOAT

Ever since ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docuseries was premiered in April 2020, Scottie Pippen hasn’t been cool with Michael Jordan as he keeps going off on him, and he has a lot to say about MJ in his new memoir, titled “Unguarded.” And it seems Pippen’s new memoir is all about Michael.

According to SportsCasting, “Not only does Pippen believe Jordan used The Last Dance to remind the current generation of fans that he’s better than LeBron James, but he also thinks LeBron is the GOAT.” LeBron James over Michael Jordan? Isn’t that pettiness on the side of Scottie Pippen?

Pippen also claims that Michael Jordan ruined basketball and that LeBron James is the real deal (the GOAT) when it comes to basketball.

Via SportsCasting:

“I may go as far to say Mike ruined basketball,” Pippen wrote. “In the 80s on the playgrounds you’d have everyone moving the ball around — passing to help the team. That stopped in the 90s. Kids wanted to be ‘Like Mike.’ Well, Mike didn’t want to pass — didn’t want to rebound, or defend the best player. He wanted everything done for him. That’s why I always believed LeBron James was the greatest player this game has ever seen — he does everything and embodies what the game is truly about.”

Pippen said LeBron didn’t have the clutch gene like Jordan and Kobe Bryant just a few years ago. He also stated he would never pick LeBron over Jordan in an important game. The Last Dance clearly rubbed Pippen the wrong way, and he’s doing everything in his power to get back at Jordan.

The Bulls won six championships during the ’90s. They three-peated twice and never lost in the Finals. Jordan won 10 scoring titles, five regular-season MVPs, one Defensive Player of the Year Award, and six Finals MVPs with Chicago, but Pippen’s contributions were significant as well, and he obviously feels he didn’t get enough credit for the Bulls’ success.

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