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Seattle University HC Jim Hayford Resigns After Exposed For Calling Players N-Words

It is 2021, and this is still happening?

Maybe Jim Hayford thought because he was coaching a small college, no one would notice this behavior.

He was 100% wrong on that, and now he is out of a job. Just a PSA to all white people is it not ok for you to say the N-Word under any circumstances.

Don’t try to justify it. Just don’t do it.

Jim Hayford — Seattle University’s men’s basketball coach — has resigned from his position … after he allegedly used the n-word on multiple occasions.

Hayford was initially placed on administrative leave last week … after Stadium Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman reported that the coach had used the racial slur during a scrimmage.

According to the report, Hayford — who is white — said the n-word last Thursday after a player had used it.

Goodman reports this was not the first time Hayford had been accused of using the term around his team.

Hayford apologized, but the players weren’t having it.

They refused to play if he continued to coach the team.

Good for them for taking a stand.

Here is the statement the school released.

“The top priority within the Athletic Department is, and always will be, to support the wellbeing and success of our student athletes — in and out of the classroom and in their chosen sport.”

“We are committed to advancing an athletic community that is inclusively excellent. We will take additional steps to ensure any concerns within the program are addressed and that all our student-athletes are seen, heard, and supported.”

The said thing is Seattle wasn’t bad while Hayford was coaching. He had a record of 65-55 during his tenure, which is now over, and since he resigned, he won’t be getting any money left on his contract.

Flip the page for the original news video exposing what he had done.

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