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Tyreek Hill Puts Super Bowl 54 Ring On Line In Hopes Of Racing Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is still credited as the fastest man on earth, and one NFL player wants to take that title away.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill is awaiting to race Usain Bolt to prove he’s faster.

“Hill — arguably the fastest man in the NFL — accused Bolt of ducking him … and told him to “stop hiding” in a fiery social media post. Bolt eventually fired back, telling us he’d be willing to put his gold medal on the line in a race if Hill was willing to put his SB LIV ring in the mix,” per TMZ Sports.

Bolt, like Hill, is a winner, and speed is a man’s skill when it comes to the competitive nature in sports.

A few months back, Bolt didn’t think Hill would put up his Super Ring.

The Jamaican told TMZ Sports, “I’ve definitely got to train. He’s been working out… I work out too but I would have to step up my training. I’ve still got speed but I’ve got to get my legs going again.”

If he’s really serious, we can figure it out. First time I met him, he was always talking. I think it would be good to put it to bed.

Bolt, who turned 35 earlier this month, added, “I still think I’d get him at 40 (yards), but you’ve got to be safe. I might be slow out of the blocks but I get up to top speed real quick.

There has been talk that Hill would wager his Super Bowl ring against one of Bolt’s eight Olympic gold medals, but the sprint legend said, “No, I don’t think he would. He’s got one so he’s probably scared.”

Bolt, in all honesty, would win easily…but there’s no telling where the event would happen.

Hill might want to focus on the Chiefs at the moment, but I would all for this in the offseason.

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