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What to Expect for eSports in 2022

Cybersport is not only a sport, but also a colorful show with VR- and AR-solutions, which can be observed at the largest tournaments. Disciplines such as Dota 2 bet, CS:GO, Rocket League and League of Legends fully meet these criteria. These games account for about 90% of the entire cybersports market in Canada.

Successes in the international cybersport arena

Toronto franchise teams are topping the charts for the most popular cybersport games. Twitter recently released data on the Canadian gaming industry.

This data showed Call of Duty and Overwatch and the top two cybersports games in Canada, with League of Legends coming in fourth place. This influx of cybersports traffic is due to a 75% increase in gaming tweets from Canadians, and in 2020 as in early 2021, over two billion were sent.

Canadians have also made tremendous strides to put Toronto Ultra in fourth place among the most referenced cybersport franchises in Canada. That’s an incredible feat in their first season, and they’re beating the likes of G4 Esports.

Since OverActive Media owns the Canadian Call of Duty and Overwatch franchises, CEO Chris Overholt said: “This is a fantastic performance for our entire organization and further validates our business thesis that cybersport franchises are the way forward in our industry.”

From Major 2 through Championship weekend, Toronto Ultra has been in the top three at all eSports tournaments. Heading into Vanguard, they will look to repeat that success.

What to expect 2022

Toronto Ultra will retain its current Call of Duty League roster for the 2023 season. The move comes as no surprise after Ultra finished second in the CDL regular season standings and finished second in the CDL playoffs in August.

Toronto joins Altanta FaZe and Minnesota RØKKR as the only teams to retain the same lineup for the 2022 Call of Duty League season. Coincidentally, Atlanta, Toronto and Minnesota are the only organizations to win at least one championship in the 2021 CDL season.

That said, this gives a huge influx of e-sport bets. You can cheer on your team or player AND make money. For example, Vulkan Bet eSports bookmaker always makes nice bonuses for all fans of eSports.


Toronto Ultra has become one of the best teams in the Call of Duty league after Insight was added to the roster after Phase 1. Insight has had an incredible impact on the team, helping them finish in the top three at Majors 2-5 and Champs. The Toronto Ultra lineup will remain the same in 2022.

Insight aka Jamie Craven is an English major AR who signed with Toronto as a subcontractor late last year. He currently dominates the North American Challengers scene, having won the latest Call of Duty League 2 $40K Open. The Toronto Ultra lineup will also include.

  • Cammy – Cameron McKilligan;
  • Bans – Ben Bans;
  • CleanX – Tobias Juul-Jonsson.

Their breaks in Hardpoint were just right, as their communication made them some of the best.