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9 People Arrested After Someone Snitched AJ’s Go-Go Bar Was Running Drugs and Hookers

Here’s a crazy story.

According to The NY Post, a 6-month investigation at a gogo bar in New Jersey that involved prostitution and drugs resulted in the arrest of 9 people.

A six-month investigation at AJ’s Go-Go Bar in Secaucus ended Tuesday with the arrest of nine men and women on charges ranging from promoting prostitution to distribution of cocaine, cops said.

Undercover detectives inside the jiggle joint bought various quantities of cocaine from employees and were also offered sex for cash, Secaucus police said.

A host of drugs — including more than two ounces of cocaine and in excess of 400 Oxycontin pills — were seized along with $40,000 in cash during a search of the go-go bar Tuesday. The money is believed to have come from “nefarious activity,” Secaucus Police Chief Dennis Miller said.

Those arrested in the probe included Caroleen Garcia-Garcia, 41, of the Bronx, for allegedly engaging in prostitution, along with Maylin Hechavarria, 30, of Newark, Rosanni Reyes, 45, of Belleville, and Leidy Munoz-Gomez, 40, of North Bergen, on the same charge.

Jason Koch, 52, of Hawthorne, was charged with promoting prostitution and several drug counts, including possession with intent to distribute cocaine and Oxycontin, police said.

Carlos Busatmante, whose age and hometown were not provided, was also charged with four counts of cocaine distribution and other drug charges. Three other suspects who were arrested for drug or weapon possession were identified as Elizabeth Nauer, 33, of Bayonne, Frank Lovato, 54, of Wyckoff, and Jeana Branda, 32, of Secaucus, who allegedly had a knife.

Good thing customers told tipped police off of the things that were going on there. All the suspects are being held on bond and, if convicted, could spend a considerable amount of time in jail.

You know it has to be bad for a customer to snitch on a strip club, that is bottom of the barrel snithing.

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