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Brittany Renner Says PJ Washington Used Her to Make His Ex-Girlfriend Jealous at Kentucky

Brittany Renner has been doing a series of interviews with VladTV, and in the latest clip, she spoke about how she initially met PJ Washington when he was at the Unversity of Kentucky.

According to Renner, Washington’s uncle was a club promoter who always did right by her, so when he asked her to follow his nephew, who was a big fan of hers, she didn’t think it would be a big deal to do so. Renner says that she initially had no interest in Washington and mostly ignored his DMs until he started popping up at the clubs where she was hosting.

Eventually, he asked her to the infamous Kentucky basketball game where this happened.

That was UK forward at the time Keldon Johnson in the middle of a close game flirting with Renner and telling her he loves her.

Johnson went on to be a first-round pick of the Spurs and has become a solid NBA contributor.

Renner explains that Washington wasn’t even on her radar, and she was actually dating a Denver Nugget player at the time (rumored to be Jamal Murray, another UK player). She states she found out later that Washington was just using her to make an ex-girlfriend jealous.

Renner says that Washington was in relentless pursuit of her, and while she was concerned about the age difference, she felt he was an old soul and different, so she finally gave in, and the rest they say is history.

Does that story sound right to you?

Do you think a 26-year-old woman should be entertaining 20-year old college basketball players?

In the end, I think Renner would admit it was a mistake because she was left with nothing, forced to move in with her mom, and is dealing with financial hardships after the breakup from Washington.

Flip the pages for Renner speaking on how Washington used her for clout and her saying she is broke now.

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