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Chicken Tenders May Become Extinct if Shortage Continues

There are so many terrible things going on in America. I don’t know if we can survive the extinction of Chicken Tenders.

That might push us over the edge especially stay-at-home moms.

They will be ready to riot if this continues.

A chicken tender shortage is causing some families and restaurants to scramble at dinner.

Another food impacted by supply chain issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are impacted by the lack of availability for the popular food that kids love.

“When I come home from the store and I don’t have chicken tenders, my kids are not happy,” said one mom in Scottsdale, Arizona. “The shelves have been empty recently. Restaurants have been out of chicken tenders and that makes it very difficult when you have kids that have limited options.”

Experts say chicken tenders require more processing to package and sell, leading to their scarcity. Prices of tenders are also higher at grocery stores. Tenders are now going for around $3.99 per pound, almost a dollar more than their cost in 2020.

Americans are expected to eat nearly 100 pounds of chicken per person this year, according to the National Chicken Council.

Earlier this year, it was reported that KFC stopped advertising its boneless chicken tenders on TV in the US. A&W is also changing its marketing plan. Earlier this year at popular chicken and biscuit eatery Bojangles’, its famous Chicken Supreme tenders were not available at many area locations, leaving many customers disappointed.

I am a chicken wing person myself, but even those have been in short supply.

When Obama was the President, we never had a chicken shortage. I am just saying.

I am sure this will correct itself at some point. I hope so because this is insane, along with the gas prices.

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