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Jacqueline Avant’s Killer Aariel Maynor Was Caught By Literally Shooting Himself in The Foot

The man who allegedly shot and killed Jacqueline Avant has been busted! He has been identified as Aariel Maynor, and in a video available to the cops, he shot himself in the foot with an AR-15, and there is another video of him handcuffed to a wheelchair after being taken into custody.

The Police say that Aariel Maynor traveled from Beverly Hills to Hollywood Hills after his attack on the Avant home. Via TMZ:

He attempted to break into another home in the Hills, and in the process somehow shot himself in the foot with an AR-15.

You can see in new video, Maynor was tended to by paramedics, and handcuffed to a wheelchair while he was loaded into an ambulance. Maynor appears to be quite chatty with first responders, though it’s unclear exactly what he was saying.

His right foot — presumably the one he shot — is bandaged. Cops say neighborhood surveillance helped them connect him from the crime in Hollywood to the murder at the Avant home.

At a press conference Thursday, Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook said it was still too early to decide whether or not the attack on the Avant home was random or if Maynor knew the family.

Maynor is a career criminal, so this isn’t surprising.

Maynor was sentenced to 4 years for second-degree robbery with enhancements for prior felony conviction in November 2018. He was released on parole supervision on Sept. 1, 2021 after serving his full sentence.

To be able to murder someone and then just go to the next home like nothing happened is another level of cruelty.

It is good that he is off the streets, and hopefully, he will stay in jail for a very long period of time because he doesn’t need to be on the streets.

He is a menace to society and should be punished to the highest extent of the law.

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