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Rapper Gunna’s Bodyguard Chokeslams Man For Trying to Approach The Rapper

A video of Gunna’s security guard doing what he’s been paid to do has hit the internet, and you wouldn’t dare approach him in public after you see this video.

Reports say Gunna was at a jewelry store when the man tried approaching him, but he was body-slammed to the floor before he even got to the rapper. It didn’t appear the man was posing any threat to Gunna, which would likely lead to a big lawsuit against the rapper.

While there are rules in place for self-defense, you can’t just chokeslam people in public for walking close to you. Unless this man had a weapon and or made a threat towards Gunna, the security guard was taking his job way too seriously. Security is supposed to deescalate situations, not escalate them.


Gunna has quite the fast-acting security personnel as seen in a recent video that’s circulating social media. In the video, Gunna is seen at a jewelry store when a man tries approaching him. However, he’s cut off fast by Gunna’s security and body-slammed to the floor. Interestingly enough, it appears as though Gunna wanted to get a few hits for himself.

Meanwhile, social media was clowning Gunna’s outfit in the process of watching the video. Some say he looked like Grimace, the McDonald’s character, and others say he looked like a villain in the 80s Batman movies. You have to admit it is a terrible outfit, I am not sure what he is going for there, but he certainly has his own taste and style. Rihanna likes it, so that is all that matters. Even though I think she would give this outfit a thumbs down if she could.

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