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Deshaun Watson Offered Massage Accuser $100k to Drop Lawsuit and Never Speak on Incident

This is the amount BSO sources have heard that Watson is offering most of his accusers.

There are a few he is offering more to because the allegations were more serious and they were the ones who also contacted the police, but the $50k-250k range is what we have been hearing.

Nothing is surprising about the details of the offer, it is a standard take your money and be quiet deal.

Here is what the Daily Beast is reporting.

Over the past year, 22 women have filed civil lawsuits against Watson claiming a range of sexual misconduct offenses. All of the alleged victims were masseuses who say Watson crossed lines during their massage therapy sessions, from Watson allegedly rubbing his erect penis against them without their consent to forcing them to perform oral sex. A number of the women say in their suits that they suffered from PTSD following the incidents, including crippling anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Watson, through his lawyer Rusty Hardin, has denied the women’s allegations, saying that any “active sexual activity” that happened during the massage sessions was “mutually desired by the other party.”

Despite the large number of accusers, all of whom have shared strikingly similar stories, Watson has yet to face any legal repercussions or be suspended by the league. And The Daily Beast has learned that Watson has attempted to settle with a number of his accusers, offering them between five- and six-figure sums in exchange for their silence.

In the settlement offer Watson says he is “buying peace” and doesn’t admit to any wrongdoing.

The accuser would have to drop their civil lawsuit immediately and never speak about Watson or the incident ever again.

This accuser who is probably the same one who sent the open letter to Jilly Anais declined the offer.

Flip the page to read the FULL settlement offer and why Deshaun is going to have to pay millions to get this settled.

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