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Russell Westbrook’s Brother Ray Goes on Twitter Spaces to Defend His Poor Play

Russell Westbrook isn’t doing well with the Lakers and the backlashes from fans are getting out of hand but his brother Ray is on Twitter defending him. That’s what brothers do.

Over the weekend, Ray participated in a large Twitter spaces discussion, made interesting arguments, and let everyone know what’s happening to Russel Westbrook.

In one of the conversations, Ray said:

“I’m a realist when it comes to basketball. Yes, he turns the ball over. Yes, he misses layups. But y’all on here really talking some straight bullshit,” Ray said. “I’m not going to let somebody come on here just to slander my brother.”

Westbrook is trying to play through his struggles, he did have a monster dunk against Rudy Gobert last night.

After soaring through the air, Russell Westbrook extended his right arm toward the basket. Once he finished the forceful dunk, Westbrook screamed.

After experiencing numerous frustrations with persistent losing, inconsistent play and adjusting to a new role, Westbrook offered a moment that both electrified the Lakers crowd and contributed to winning basketball. In the Lakers’ 101-95 win over the Utah Jazz on Tuesday, Westbrook delivered a vicious one-handed dunk in the second quarter over Jazz center Rudy Gobert.

“It happened to be Gobert tonight,” Westbrook said. “But it could be anybody on any other night.”

Westbrook maintained that the play did not offer any extra meaning. But his actions suggested otherwise. After LeBron James set a screen at the top of the key, Westbrook charged toward the basket. He nudged Gobert with his left hand. Then after finishing the play, Westbrook talked trash to Gobert.

Westbrook picked up a technical foul for the gesture, but the Lakers did not seem to mind. James described the dunk as “explosive,” “electrifying,” “big time” and “phenomenal” before admitting that he has watched the replay “over and over.” Lakers coach Frank Vogel added “it was a hell of a play.”

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