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Watch Brian Chintharsy Fire Six Gunshots at SUV At Crowded Intersection Over Altercation With The Driver

Daily Mail reports that 30-year-old Brian Chintharsy has been arrested for firing six times at SUV at a crowded Tulsa intersection over an altercation with the driver. According to the police report, other cars were hit by Brian’s gunfire but no one got hurt in the bizarre incident.

Shocking video captured the moment an Oklahoma driver stood in a crowded intersection and fired his gun six times at another car as the other driver fled for his life after an argument.

Chintharsy can be seen on video whipping out a gun and holding it with both hands at 11th Street and Sheridan Road at around 5 pm before firing six shots at the fleeing vehicle. A couple of other cars were hit by the gunfire, but no one was injured, according to a police report. Video from several different angles shows Chintharsy menacing the driver of a Sportage and punching the SUV’s window before the unidentified driver pulls away.

Summer Craft, a witness, said when Chintharsy started attacking the other driver’s vehicle, the driver drove through the light to flee the assault. Another witness, Julea Wilson, said the light changed to green moments after the feud, with the sound of gunshots prompting other drivers at the busy intersection to speed away from the scene.

Tulsa Police responded to the shooting found multiple shell casings and a white Buick SUV with multiple bullet holes. Two people who were inside the Buick when it was struck by gunfire were unhurt. Chintharsy’s face could be clearly seen in one angle of the video, with his tag number also visible from another angle.

He was arrested on Sunday after his sister convinced him to turn himself in, according to News on 6.  He reportedly told an officer that he was connected to an incident that has since gone viral on social media, garnering nearly 21,000 views.

You have to chill Brian. You can’t do this in 2022 and expect not to get caught.

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