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Watch Rams Fans Get Into Brawl With Each Other After Watching Their Team Beat The Cardinals

There were lots of fights that broke out over Wild Card weekend.

Kind of expected given fans have no idea how to act at all. Add in a high-stakes game and fights breaking out was inevitable.

Usually, though, it’s the losing team’s fans getting mad and fighting the winning team’s fans or the winning team’s fans talking crap and instigating a fight with the losing team’s fans.

What happened in LA was completely different. It was Rams fans fighting other Rams fans even though the Rams were in full control of the game from start to finish.

It was after the game and there was a huge fight between the fans for some reason. It was quite a few of them too. Wonder what made them mad after a win?  The NFL was also a little salty because they hit Odell Beckham with a drug test the day after the game. They must be friends with Baker Mayfield.

Odell Beckham Jr. put together a clutch performance in the Rams’ 34-11 win over the Cardinals on Monday night, arguably his best game since coming to Los Angeles. He caught four passes for 54 yards and a touchdown, also completing a 40-yard bomb to Cam Akers on a trick play.

After helping the Rams advance to the next round, Beckham was welcomed with a drug test at the team’s facility Wednesday, which he revealed on Instagram with a funny post. He shared a photo of himself celebrating his touchdown against Arizona, along with the text message he received about the test.

Beckham tweeted that he’s been getting drug tested like this for years, but there’s been an uptick in tests since he became a member of the Rams in the middle of the season.

Flip the page for the brawl and Odell Beckham Jr showing off the drug test.

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