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Thunder Rookie Josh Giddey Speaks To BSO On His Allstar Weekend Experience Representing The Thunder & Australia

Cleveland, OH – This weekend the NBA continued to celebrate their 75th season and there might not be a bigger celebration that will happen bigger than NBA Allstar Weekend.

There is almost no better time to recognize and showcase how much talent is around the league than the this weekend. It brings out the best of the best in the Allstar game, showcases all types of abilities in the Skills Challenge, authentic ability in the Dunk Contest, shooting in the 3 Point Contest, celebs that can play, and show off the future of the league in the Rising Stars game.

Allstar is always after the Super Bowl so all eyes were on the league this weekend and it was the talk of the sports world. Getting a lot of attention from lots of people in Cleveland at Allstar and even around the world was Thunder rookie Josh Giddey.

Giddey has been one of the hottest players in the league recently after tallying up 3 straight triple doubles with one legendary history making one at Madison Square Garden. Plenty of stars and media members talked about how well Giddey has been playing and how much they are impressed with his game. Especially being the 2nd youngest player in the NBA.

The young Thunder star had a busy weekend competing in the Rising Stars game, the Clutch Challenge that was a new part of the Rising Stars game, and the Skills Challenge. He wasn’t able to get a win in any of the events but he had a great showing in all of them. Putting up 9 rebounds and 6 assists in the Rising Stars game for Team Worthy, having the best score for the rookies in the shooting portion of the Skills Challenge, and did really well in the Clutch Challenge.

BSO was able to speak to Giddey via a phone interview after he was done competing for the weekend about his experience representing not only the Thunder at Allstar weekend but also his home country of Australia. We also talked about his preference of nicknames and this outstanding rookie class he’s apart of.

Here’s what he had to say:

You’re here in Cleveland representing the Thunder in not only the Rising Stars game but also the Skills Challenge. How has that experience been and what does that mean to you?

“Yea man, special. To represent the Thunder here, represent my country, right now in Cleveland at Allstar Weekend means a lot. Obviously as a kid you dream of being here so for it to be happening now…it’s a lifelong dream of mine. Fun weekend, great to meet a lot of the guys to be involved in this atmosphere. “

Not only are you representing the Thunder in the events this weekend, you’re also representing this talented rookie class in the Skills Challenge. How was that experience competing with them after competing against them the night before in the Rising Stars game?

“I love watching the other guys and competing against them. To beat teams up with 2 of the best rookies (Scottie Barnes & Cade Cunningham) in are league now was a lot of fun. So I definitely enjoyed getting to know the guys it’s a really really deep class. “

You just said it’s a really really deep class and I agree and before the draft there was lots of talk about this class being the best ever whether it was from the actual players or from members of the media. I counted and almost half of this class is contributing on their teams right now and that’s usually unheard of. So what are your thoughts on how talented this class is and can they be the best draft class ever?

“I think it’s a really deep class. It’s evident. On the floor.You know, whether you can say it’s one of the best ever, it’s early stages but early signs are showing that it’s a really really good class. There’s a lot of depth from all different positions and it’s exciting. and as I said, it’s a really really deep class.”

Now Josh, we have to get you a consensus nickname. Every great player has one. You’ve been called the “Australian Troy Bolton” by Shai, there’s the “Wizard of Aus” which is also currently taken by Ben Simmons, there’s “Gidzey” like “Gen Z”, “Thunder from Down Under,” and also “Giddey Up.” Do you like any of these and have a preference of one or do you have one people haven’t thought of?

“*laughs* Oh my goodness, no I don’t mind. Troy Bolton, no one really calls me that except Shai [Gilgeous-Alexander]. The Wizard of Aus has been stuck for a little while now. So I’m good with any. Whatever the fans want to give me I’m happy to take.”

Flip the page to see highlights from Josh’s weekend.

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