Social Media Defends Vanessa Bryant After She is Body Shamed and Accused of Being Pregnant at All-Star Game – BlackSportsOnline
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Social Media Defends Vanessa Bryant After She is Body Shamed and Accused of Being Pregnant at All-Star Game

Social media was being disgusting by body-shaming Vanessa Bryant and speculating that she could be pregnant.

You can’t expect much from social media, but one would hope people would have the common decency to keep their opinions to themselves about a woman who lost her husband and child in a tragic helicopter accident. It doesn’t matter what you think. This is a woman who is still grieving and trying to be a mother to three other kids.

People really need to consider that before making such hurtful comments. I would say that I am surprised, but I am not because this is how social media is these days.

The only person you would think they would have some grace for would be Kobe Bryant’s wife, especially the NBA community, but we have been proven wrong again.

Awesemo wrote a story about how some fans were being very cruel to Vanessa and disrespectful to Kobe during All-Star weekend.

Some fans took to Twitter to question whether Vanessa Bryant, wife of deceased NBA star Kobe Bryant, was pregnant. Vanessa Bryant was spotted wearing a very baggy large coat, and that prompted some to call out Vanessa for being pregnant.

Twitter did its thing following the pic of Vanessa being posted, and immediately called her out for looking pregnant.

While many called out Vanessa Bryant for looking pregnant, some were much kinder, rushing to the defense of the NBA widow.

Thankfully, many people came to Vanessa’s defense, but the sad thing is even when you do that, you are feeding the trolls and making the situation potentially worse by bringing attention to what they are saying. If there is anyone in this world that should be left alone, it is Vanessa Bryant. Please try to do better in the future and keep your opinions on her body to yourself.

Be better.

You can be better than this. Stop doing everything for clout and attention. It is sad.

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