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Young Dolph’s Alleged Killer Justin Johnson Tells Judge He’s Broke and Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Young Dolph’s alleged killer Justin Johnson has said that he doesn’t have money to hire a lawyer and according to Hot New Hip Hop, “Justin will be appointed a lawyer for the violation of his sex offender registration charge and remains without an attorney for Dolph’s suspected murder charge.”

HNHH has more on Justin Johnson claiming he got no money to hire a lawyer to defend him in sex offender case.

On top of the charges regarded Dolph’s death, Johnson has also been charged with failure of a Tennessee sex offender to timely report or register, Action News 5 reports. Yesterday, he told a judge that “he don’t have any money for a lawyer,” for these charges.

The alleged murderer was convicted of aggravated rape in 2015, and is required to report to police on a quarterly basis as a result, but didn’t show up to his check-in back in December of last year.

For the sex offender charges, Johnson will be appointed a public defender, but for the first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, employment of a firearm during a dangerous felony, and theft of property over $10,000 charges, him and Smith claimed that they would be able to hire their own representation.

If convicted of the aforementioned crimes, the men could face life in prison or even the death penalty.

The streets are saying Johnson aka Straight Dropp was paid $100k for the hit on Dolph, by who is anyone’s guess. The fact no one wants to defend him says a lot about how even lawyers who aren’t the most morally outstanding individuals in the world want nothing to do with this case because they don’t want to be shot.

Straight Dropp said he would be out in a few weeks, but that doesn’t seem likely. Unless he does some heavy snitching he is going to be in jail for the remainder of his days on this earth.

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