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Jayda Cheaves On If Lil Baby’s Chest Was Hurting Because She Was Texting Back Lil Bow Wow

Jayda Cheaves has addressed rumors that the man Lil Baby caught her texting was rapper Bow Wow in an Instagram video. Jayda is telling us that it’s false and that the man she was texting wasn’t Bow Wow, as people on the internet claim.

Here is how things played out between Jayda and Lil Baby on social media via Vladtv:

Last week, Jayda Cheaves, Lil Baby’s longtime girlfriend and mother of his youngest son, took to Instagram to share a message that many took as her announcing her split from the “Drip Too Hard” rapper.

In the post, Jayda stated, “I’m finally standing up,” adding, “Everything comes to an end. Never force it. Be happy. I’m willing to [X] anybody out for my happiness and peace. I post my own [tea] so I can clown myself before I get clowned. Cuz shiddddd it’s cold out here. Ion know how this [sh*t] gon go. Have a beautiful day everyone.”

After Lil Baby responded with a cryptic message that read, “When a mf think they can play wit me,” Jayda addressed his post, writing, “Think they can play with you? LMFAO you played with me for 6 years straight. I text a n***a back now your chest hurt. Bye.”

When social media sleuths claimed that Jayda was speaking about texting Bow Wow, she addressed the situation in an Instagram video, where she stated, “No shade to Bow Wow but where are y’all getting that from? It’s not giving that.”

Before you think Lil Bow Wow wouldn’t be a possibility, I’d suggest you look at Mr. Wow’s roster of past lovers. It is very impressive, so it totally possible he could pull someone like Jayda if he so pleased, don’t disrespect Mr. Wow.

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