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Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian to Pay Him Child Support

Haha! Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce brouhaha just got interesting. According to UK’s Sun Magazine, sources close to Kanye say he wants full custody of their four children and child support from Kim Kardashian.

Let’s see how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce settlement plays out in the courtroom. MTO News has details:

According to a new report from the UK’s Sun magazine, “Kanye wants to go for full custody of the children. The magazine claims that it spoke with a person close to Kanye, and they said,”People close to him were pretty shocked and have been trying to persuade him not to, but he is adamant that he wants the kids full time. “He believes Kim is away a lot working and spending time with Pete and that he’d be a better parent.”

The insider continued: “Kanye thinks the children spend too much time with the nannies and that he’d be around more than Kim. “He also has issues with Kim’s parenting, he thinks she gives the kids whatever they want, and they are growing up spoiled. “But everyone close to Kim knows she is a devoted mother to her children.“Of course the children spend time with nannies but she is a working mother.”

The report also suggests that Kanye will be requesting child support from his billionaire ex-wife. Kim reportedly spends less and less time with her children each year, as she’s hired a team of nannies to help her raise the children.

This seems unbelievable, but since it’s Kanye West, it could be true that he wants child support from his billionaire ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Most billionaire kids have their share of nannies and other people who care for them more than their parents. It is a byproduct of having too much money and not enough time. Most people have said Kim is a good mom, but only the people close to her genuinely know if that is the case or not.

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